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Learn How to Knit with Knitting Crochet Wool
Learn How to Knit with Knitting Crochet Wool. Knitting Crochet Wool is your one stop shop for all of your knitting needs.

Knitting Crochet Wool Blog
This is the place to be if you want to watch the Knitting-Naturally website is growing and evolving.

Knitting Crochet Wool Amazon Picks
No one around to teach you how to knit? Teach yourself using a good knitting book or a knitting DVD from my Amazon Picks page!

Knitting Crochet Wool Store: Baby Knitting Pattern Books
On this page you will find Baby Knitting Pattern Books left over from when the Knitting Crochet Wool Store closed at discounted prices.

Hand Knitted Baby Shawl
This beautiful hand knitted baby shawl is knitted in 100 percent pure new 3 ply wool from Australia. The shawl has a diameter of 127cm and weighs les

Knitting Abbreviations
Reading a knitting pattern is like reading another language. If you are not familiar with common knitting abbreviations it will look like double dutc

Knitting Terms
On this page you will find an A - Z of common knitting terms.

Knitting Basics
Ready to get started? Let's go through some knitting basics before you start knitting!

Knitting Help
Could you a little knitting help? Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a one-on-one teacher to answer questions, but ask here and I will help if

Knitting Instructions for Beginners
Are you looking for knitting instructions that are written in plain english so that they are easy to follow?

Knitting Stitch Patterns
Knitting Stitch Patterns provide knitting instructions for stitch patterns that can be incorporated into your garments to make your work unique.

Knitting Techniques
There are quite a few different knitting techniques that you can apply to your knitting depending on your level of experience and the effect you are t

Aran Knitting
Contary to popular belief Aran knitting is not a knitting style that is centuries old, but was in fact created in the early 1900s in the Aran Isles.

Double Knitting
The phrase double knitting has a couple of meanings in the knitting world. Double Knitting or DK is a weight of wool and a knitting method.

Fair Isle Knitting
Fair Isle knitting is a traditional knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours.

Mitred Knitting
Mitred knitting is a knitting technique that is popular with beginners and knitting experts alike.

Knitting Wool
As you browse through your local craft store for knitting wool, you will be faced with a bewildering array of choices.

Baby Knitting
Now that you have mastered the basic knitting techniques, if you are looking for small knitting projects, you might like to try some baby knitting.

Customising Baby Knitting Patterns
When I am customising baby knitting patterns, I use the basic pattern and change the knitting stitch patterns to create my own unique jumper!

Heirloom Knitting
Heirloom Knitting takes on a whole new meaning when you use your own handspun yarn to create a knitted article for your family or friends.

Knitting Patterns
When you have been knitting for a while, one of your most prized possessions will no doubt be your collection of knitting patterns.

Baby Knitting Patterns
On this page you will find a selection of baby knitting patterns and books for you to choose from. Some are free, but some are not but they may be wo

Beginner Knitting Patterns
Are you looking for some easy beginner knitting patterns?

Knitted Toys
Are you looking for a knitting project that is a bit more fun? How about having a go making some knitted toys! Knitted toys can be very simple or ext

Continental Knitting
There are two main methods of knitting, the one used on this site is generally called the English method. The other is the Continental Knitting Metho

French Knitting
If you are looking for a form of knitting that you can teach your kids, French Knitting might be just the ticket!

Loom Knitting
Another method of producing knitted fabric is to use a loom or a knitting board. Loom Knitting is quite an old craft that, like other forms of knitti

Machine Knitting
Some hand knitting purists think of it as cheating, but machine knitting is a quick and relatively easy to make just about anything that you could kni

Summer Knitting
knitting with wool in hot weather is not anywhere near as pleasant as knitting in the dead of winter, but depending on your choice of yarn, summer kni

How to Crochet
Do you know how to crochet? Crocheting is fun, easy to learn and very versatile.

Learning to Spin
When you watch someone else spinning, it looks deceptively easy.The reality is that learning to spin take paience and perseverance.

About Me
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Site Index
Welcome to my site index. On this page you will find an entry for each page on this site.

Learn How to Knit with Knitting Crochet Wool
Learn How to Knit with Knitting Crochet Wool. Knitting Crochet Wool is your one stop shop for all of your knitting needs.

Knitting Hints
Are you an experienced knitter with some really great knitting hints to share?

How to Wash Wool
Do you know how to wash wool? Are you one of those people who avoid buying pure wool because of the difficulty of washing your garments without shrin

Knitting Questions
Are you having problems with your knitting? Whether your knitting questions about reading a pattern or how to actually do something, you can submit y

Answered Knitting Questions
Welcome to my Answered Knitting Questions page. On this page you will find questions that have been answered either by myself or by other visitors to

Length of circular needles
I am going to knit a cardigan in the round for the first time and have been advised to use a circular needle. The cardigan is a large size, using DK.

Basic Knitting Stitch Patterns for Beginners
Basic knitting techniques are particularly suitable for beginners as they are relatively straight-forward and easy to do.

How to Knit a Scarf
How to Knit a Scarf is the first in a series of 'how to' pages which provide knitting instructions for knitting novices.

8 Ply Wool
8 ply wool or yarn is probably the most commonly used ply for knitting, and is available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Yarn Comparison Chart
Are you looking for a yarn comparison chart? Each country uses a different measurement scale.

2 Ply Wool
2 ply wool or yarn is most often used for very baby knitting or evening wear.

Needle Sizes - Knitting Needle Conversion Chart
Needle sizes range from 2.0mm right up to 25.0mm, and just to make it even more complicated there are three main measurement schemes for needles sizes

Knitting a Tension Square
Knitting a tension square is something that you do before you begin knitting your garment.

Changing a baby blanket knitting pattern
I have started making the squares for this pattern and would like to make the squares only as the edge all the way around, and knitting a simple patte

Lily dress
I am knitting the Lily by Suzie from I presently have 138 stitches on circular needles just finishing 14 rounds of seed stitches.

the crown part of a hat
What do I'd, it says repeat rnds 1&2, each time adding an additional k St before each m1 until there are 7 k sts before each m1, 54 sts total......rnd

Contact Deb
Please feel free to contact Deb to ask questions about the site or make any suggestions

Knitting Needles
Read on if you would you like to know more about the various types of knitting needles.

How to Choose a Knitting Pattern
As a beginner you need to choose a knitting pattern very carefully. If your first few projects are too difficult, you might find yourself getting so f

Double Pointed Knitting Needles
Double pointed knitting needles are used to knit seamless tubes of knitting for articles like socks, or mittens.

Circular Knitting Needles
Circular knitting needles are used for knitting seamless tubes of knitted fabric. Knitting in the round is an advanced knitting technique.

Single Pointed Knitting Needles
Single pointed knitting needles are probably going to be the first type of knitting needles that you buy as a beginner.

Bamboo Knitting Needles
When you are deciding which type of knitting needles to buy and use, you might like to consider bamboo knitting needles.

Knitting Accessories
If you are new to knitting, you will come across a bewildering array of knitting accessories for you to choose from. Would you like to know from an e

Knitting Needle Holder
What kind of knitting needle holder to you use to keep your knitting needles safe?

Casting On Knitting
If you are planning on doing a lot of knitting, you are going to have to learn casting on. Knitting cannot be started until you have the required num

Knit 90 degrees
I'm starting a pattern for a shawl. It begins with cast on 3 sts and knit 6 rows. Then it says to rotate work 90 degrees. I don't know how to do th

sl stitch purl wise
How do I do a yo if I am to keep yarn in back for the sl stitch purl wise? My pattern states k2,*yo,sl 1, k1; repeat from * to last two sts, k2 Pat

purlsoho garter stitch ear flap hat
Hello, Thank you for taking my question. Could you please explain what I am supposed to do here??? Repeat rounds 1-4 five (6,7,8,9,10) more times.

Gauge between sweater body and ribbing
I am making a raglan sweater and need to change the needles to make main body from 6mm to 5 mm to obtain required gauge. My question is the ribbing

staying on pattern when adding stitches
Hello and thank you! Am working on a pattern presently at the collar stage of a cardigan. I am working in rib k1, P1 Pattern states Work 5 rows w

Can't get the increase row right
I'm knitting a baby sweeter. I started with 60 stitches. On row nine it says to...... Knit 4 *increase in the next stitch K2* repeat between the stars

Knitting Supplies
If you are going to learn how to knit, you will need to organise your knitting supplies.

Knitting with Cotton
Knitting with Cotton is not recommended for beginners. Commercially spun cotton is available in a variety of plys, styles and colors.

Customising Knitting Patterns
Once you have mastered basic knitting, you might want to start experimenting with customising knitting patterns to create your own unique garments and

Cable Knitting Stitch Patterns
To use these cable knitting stitch patterns you will need to learn some more advanced knitting techniques, such as how to use a cable needle

Textured Knitting Stitch Patterns
Are you thinking about creating your own customised pattern for your next project? Why not try one of these textured knitting stitch patterns!

Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns
Lace Knitting Stitch Patterns are another option if you want to customise a basic pattern to create a unique garment of your own design.

Knitting Graphics
Another way to customise your own knitting patterns is to incorporated your own knitting graphics into a garment or other knitted item.

How to Knit
The first stitch that you need to learn is the knit stitch. On this page you will find step by step instruction on how to knit 'knit stitches'.

Casting On Knitting
Casting on knitting is one of the first task you are going to have to learn as your knitting cannot be started until you have the required number of s

Casting Knitting Off
On this page you will learn the method of casting knitting off.

How to Purl
If you have now learned how to do knit stitches, the next step is to learn how to purl.

Scarf Knitting Patterns
On this page I have included links to all of the free scarf knitting patterns on this site, as well as a selection of knitting patterns books that you

Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern
Would you like to make yourself a garter stitch scarf? To do that you will need a Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern.

Narrow Garter Stitch Scarf
Would you like to make a narrower, chunkier, garter stitch scarf? To do that you will need my Narrow Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern!

Simple Sampler Scarf Pattern
On this page you will find a simple sampler scarf pattern. To test the pattern, I have made one using of Off White Panda Heath 8 Ply which is 50 perc

Footie Scarf Pattern
Would you like to make yourself a footie scarf? To do that you will need a Footie Scarf Pattern!

Simple Rib Scarf Pattern
Would you like to make yourself a simple rib scarf? To do that you will need a Simple Rib Scarf Pattern!

Chunky Rib Scarf Pattern
Would you like to make a chunkier rib scarf? To do that you will need a Chunky Rib Scarf Pattern!

Simple Lace Scarf Pattern
With this simple lace scarf pattern, you will be able to make yourself a beautiful new scarf and show off your new knitting skills!

Unpicking from the bottom
Did you find a mistake close to the beginning of your knitting? Try unpicking from the bottom and reknitting.

Making a Sweater Longer after it is completed
I have just finished a sweater, but it is too short. I want to add more ribbing stitches(k1,p1). I tried to unravel the beginning but it doesn't work

mobius cowl
I am knitting a long cowl which will be wrapped around my neck several times. I am more than an inch in on my circular needles and as luck would have

how to take out a knit one below
I have discovered a mistake in my knitting and have to back-track several rows to make the correction. I am not a knitter who is comfortable taking

Soft Yarn for a Baby Blanket
I want to knit a baby blanket. The other one I made using baby yarn was soft but sort of flimsy. Can you suggest a type of yarn which would be so

Holding two strands of yarn This is my question in this pattern attached: I am a beginne

AJK0207 - resizing an afghan pattern
A friend gave me a knitting pattern for an adult afghan and I would like to adapt it to a baby afghan but not sure how many stitches to start with.

sides curling
Every project where I knit 1 row and purl 1 row has a finished product where the sides curl in. I tried a border of crochet but the sides still curl i

The directions in my pattern are: ssk, return to left needle slip 2nd st over ssk and off needle return st to right needle. I don't understand

Unsure of understanding the pattern instructions
I am working on a Dale of Norway pattern #8101-6 Zebrafoll. I am not sure how to interpret the following written instructions: cont. St st and C

I am knitting my first afghan by knitting a bunch of smaller squares. I don't have a predetermined size for the finished product - just a general ide

Baby blanket finishing
I'm at the end of baby blanket and the pattern is 'Elise' from Leisure Arts baby afghans book. It says to stop at row 15 before finishing with 6 row

knitting an afghan pattern on straight needles
Can afghan patterns on circular needles be knitted on straight needles. YOUR ANSWER It depends. If you can find straight needles long enough to hold

I am a beginning knitter. I am having trouble using the circular needles. I have unraveled 4 times. The throw calls for size 15 US needles. I have to

Using different yarn
Hi! Two questions: 1)Looking at patterns on-line, 'pattern count' is referred to - does this mean there are (however many) different types of patte

Coverting knitting in the round to straight knitting
I am making golf club covers. The pattern calls for double pointed needles but I am using two straight needles. When the patterns calls for (1 round

Knitting procedure problem
I am making a knitted shortsleeved pullover, and I've just completed my first decrease row in the pattern. The next line in the pattern is: Workin

Gauge question
I made a gauge before knitting my vest, instead of the required 17 per inch, I have 15 stitches per inch. It will make a difference in my project, bu

Ladder effect from using double pointed needles
I am knitting socks on double points and I have a run between my needles. You can see a line all the way down between each needle. What am I doing w

When I go from straight needles to circular needles making a baby dress
I am knitting a baby dress. The pattern uses straight needles to start with, and then transfers to circular needles. It is a knit and purl pattern.

How does one increase the stitches in a pattern for a larger size needed?
I have a friend that needs knee warmers, but her legs are quite large, and the pattern I found does not fit her leg size. How does one go about incre

Knitting Magic Loop Method?
I'm knitting socks with circular needles using the Magic Loop Method. I have been knitting in the Stockinette stitch, but it isn't looking right. It d

Chart Key
In the new issue of creative Kknitting Magazine (Sept 2010), the diamond twist chart shows boxes that indicate No St. I don't quite understand what t

How do I join a shoulder seam on a baby sweater without bulk?

Hat Problem
Hi, Making a baby hat, and ready to decrease... Supposed to divide 64 stitches into 8 sections, but now I realize that I only have 59 stitches. :(

Horse Fly Masks
Let's talk about knitting Horse Fly Masks

What kind of stitch is this?
Hi, I was wondering what kind of stitch this is? Thanks! Mallory YOUR ANSWER Hi Mallory, I haven't seen this stitch before but one of my other vis

What does s2togkp mean? YOUR ANSWER I am sorry, I have never seen this abbreviation before so I am unable to tell you what it means. But maybe one o

How to Knit Layered Ruffles
Here's my question & pattern . . . I hope it not too long. Cast on 49 sts for lower edge. Work st st for 1-l/2 place sts on spare needle. Cast on

Spiral sock
Here is my ? I have a spiral pattern and I don't understand this part: Shape toe as follows: (K2t, tbl, rib 24 (26:28) K2t (twice) I don't underst

Question about changing yarn and starting a new row and stitch
I am supposed to change to a new color of yarn and then kfb, sl 1 purlwise wyib, k1 repeat to last st, k 1, (1 st increased) I can't get th

yarn substitution
I have a very old knitting pattern given to me by my husbands aunt. It is a small little baby girls dress called Dainty Lady. The yarn called

Hi there, I'm new to this but enjoying it. Am trying to do a moss stitch on a 29 cast on and it seems to just look like a rib. Where am I going wrong?

Stretching knitting on a round needle
I'm making a ribbed knit hat for a Christmas gift and I didn't have a short round needle. I added a couple of stitches to the pattern and a smaller

Knitting In The Round - A Joining Question
I'm knitting up a beanie, and after I cast on my required stitches, it says join for working in the round. Then the first stitch of the first row is

Could you please explain how to pfbf? I understand the kbfb and it's simple. but the pfbf confuses me Thank you so much for your time and help wit

Pattern Wrong?
I must be doing something wrong - I am following a fairly simple pattern for a bulky openwork cowl. The pattern starts with casting on 69 stitches

one extra stitch
I have 49 stitches to put on the four double pointed needles. What should I do with the extra stitch. Thank you in advance for your help. I am a cr

Pattern Question
I am a beginner knitter and have a question in regards to repeating a pattern in working on a baby blanket. There are 153 cast on stitches - the pa

Dividing one piece of knitting into 3 pieces for armholes
Using Mondial Express yarn to make their long sleeveless vest pattern, it calls for single piece to measure 59 cm, then divide the sts. In three and

Fingerless gloves
I am knitting some fingerless gloves and cannot understand how to knit the thumb gusset. I am knitting them flat and the instructions tell me to tu

What is the best stitch to use on the edges of a scarf so that they don't roll up? I'm using a chunky Malabrigo yarn with size 19 needles. Thank you

How many stitches to add to the pattern
I have a scarf pattern that calls for casting on 80 stitches on straight needles. I wanted to knit scarf on circular needles. How many stitches sho

Circular knitting with only 24 stitches
I am knitting wristlets. They are knit in the round, however since there are only 24 cast on stitches the 16 inch circular knitting needles are too

Knitting Socks
To be quite honest, until recently I never really got into knitting socks. Now I am hooked.

Picking up stitches for the button hole band
Hi hope you can help me with this! My pattern reads: Beginning at bottom edge of right front pick up and knit 3 stitches to every 4th row. That's

how to start the knitting, from skein or ball?
Hello, I am a beginner knitter; have been knitting a scarf from the skein. As I have reached the end, the rest of the skein is now all knotted and

Join into a Round
What does it mean join into around when making a hat? YOUR ANSWER I am assuming that you are knitting your hat on double pointed needles or a circula

Ann Norling Knitted Christmas Stocking # 1013
In beginning after knitting upper edge, the hem, it says next row (join hem): fold work in half, wrong sides tog. Place first loop of CO edge onto

Slip 1st stitch on every row
The instructions for a knitted shawl say to slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row followed by these instructions: Cast on 3 stitch

Old pattern for a Bonnet
Hi, I am trying to follow an old pattern for a bonnet and I've gotten to a part I'm stuck on. It reads: Work 5 rows even in stocking st, ending with

Help explaining directions
I dont know what the pattern means in the 2nd paragrah after completing the 1st paragraph. Pattern: LEFT FRONT Cast on 60 sts using 33⁄4mm (US 5) n

Beginner Knitter
I am knitting my first sweater and want to make sure I have the terminology down before I begin. The first instructions after casting on 100 stitche

Confusing pattern repeat instructions
The pattern has 286 stitches total. Multiple of 11 stitches. I can't figure out the following so it comes out even: *p2 tog twice, (M1,k1) 3x's

Question about the stitch pattern
This is a question about interpreting a pattern. I'm knitting For Travel by Caitlin ffrench (ffrench on Ravelry). The pattern reads: Row 5. Knit 2

Knitted Afghan Cast- on
Can you please suggest the best method for casting on for a knitted afghan? I tend to knit with a slightly tighter than average tension. The pattern

Fiber choices
My sister is slightly allergic to wool. I was hoping to make her a silk scarf or a blend - silk with alpaca and / or other fibers (I heard that alpac

Alpaca Knitting Yarn
If you are looking for a beautifully soft and surprisingly hard wearing natural yarn for your knitting, you might like to try alpaca knitting yarn.

Two-color scarf on a loom
I'm a new loom knitter and so far only use the knit stitch. I would like to do a scarf with two colors, but not just starting the next row with a new

How many stitches to cast on
I want to knit using 8 ply wool and using 6.5 or 6.0 (metric) knitting needles. Project needs to measure 26. How many stitches do I cast on? I am abo

repeat to last stitch knit 1
What does this mean? It is towards the end of a hat pattern that is knit on 2 needles - not circular. I don't understand how you can k2tog to th

Beginning row of sweater
The pattern tells me to CO 90 stitches. Then it says: Setup Row (RS): K1, work Row 1 of Chart B 4 times...... My problem is - after casting on, it

Beginners Dilemma with Watchman's Cap
Okay so I'm a beginner and wanted to make this World War II Watchmans Cap (Beanie No. 212) on straight needles (I have included the portion of the pat

No Stitch on a Knitting Chart
The pattern I am working on has a chart which will form a lacy owl. One of the stitches in the pattern calls for no stitch do I just slip it to th

Unused stitches when shaping the heel
I am knitting a doll from Jean Greenhowes Jemma-Jane book. I am knitting the legs and I have 63 sts on the needle. It says: 1st row - k38sts turn

Old Pattern Instructions
I am knitting a little girl's sweater with an old pattern. I am wondering about the following instruction ... knit even until armhole from first sh

Dividing for the Neck on a Poncho
Hello, I can't understand my pattern. It is a Berroco pattern from booklet #365. It's called Forest Floorand it's for a poncho. I have knitted f

Decreases at the neck on a Baby Cardi
Hello I hope you can help me please. I'm knitting a baby's round neck cardigan with set in sleeves. The pattern is telling me to cast off at the ne

Counting Colours
If I knit 2 rows in dark yarn and 2 rows in light yarn alternately for 278 rows, what should row 278 be light or dark? YOUR ANSWER Seriously? Is thi

Confusion about how to count the rows
I am knitting a man's jumper with a Shawl Collar. Shaping the neck and knitting one side of the front at the neck: Cont. on last 36 sts. Dec on

Changing the Weight of the Yarn
I would like to make a baby blanket using a 3 light but the pattern calls for 4 medium yarn. The pattern for the 4 calls for size 9 needle. Would

Carolyn Block Simply Elegant Baby Blanket
This is my first time knitting on double needles. I have knitted the main blanket and now I have to work in the round and start picking up stitches on

Don't understand the pattern
I am looking at a pattern Dante's Booties and I always review the pattern before I begin knitting. The pattern is in English but there are several

Beginners query
Hello and thank you for helping. My pattern says the following: Cast on 12 stitches Work 24 rows garter st (knit every row - first row is wrong sid

Thickness of yarn
If I am knitting a simple scarf, can I use two strands of thinner alpaca yarn vs one strand of thicker alpaca yarn? YOUR ANSWER I don't see any reaso

Pattern interpretation
Hi all, I have been knitting a Tivoli Aran pattern. I have successfully made the scarf and now making the beret but I have hit a snag. I am having t

Using a stitch pattern from one item to make something else
I have a knit dishcloth pattern. There is no multiple given, just a number to cast on 41 stitches. I want to make a shawl out of this pattern, ho

Knitting across a row when you cast off a load of stitches in the middle
I am knitting a pocket and the pattern says: k13, cast off 22, k to end of row - I have done this without a problem but the next row says: k13, knit

slipping beginning & end stitches from straight needle to double point
I am making a pair of sock slippers. First time attempting socks. The pattern starts cuff & leg part on 2 straight needles. Now I am starting the he

cable pattern
TW3L does this mean that I turn the cable needle to the left. YOUR ANSWER I have no idea, what does your pattern say? It should have instructions fo

Washing Assistance
I have been given a lot of pure wool, including crepe, all of which has been purchased more than 20 years ago, which I intend to use for charity knitt

changing yarns
I found a sweater pattern I would love to make, but it calls for Red Heart Grande and size US 19 needles. The gauge is 6 sts= 4. I would like to use a

Ending with a Wrong Side Row
When a knitting pattern says knit to such and such inches ENDING WITH WRONG SIDE ROW OR RIGHT SIDE ROW, does it mean to knit the wrong side or right s

I am working on a Mary Maxim pattern No. 98557-8-9N The instructions for button band on sweater says work rib to last 20 sts, W&T. I understand tha

Can I use a different length circular needle than called for?
I am new to knitting. If a pattern calls for a U.S. size 8 (5mm) 16 circular needle, can I use a size US size 8 (5mm) 29 circular needle? Do I have

I am knitting a hat and the pattern calls for K9, k2tog, repeat knit even K8 k2tog, repeat knit even etc etc I missed a knit even row : ( I knitted

A little confused - interpreting the pattern
I'm following a pattern for a Slouchy Beanie. It says that for the larger size, I should use the numbers in the braces and shows { }. It also give

Work both sides at once
On the neck of sweater (knit row) I knitted # of stitches as pattern said, bound off center # of stitches and knitted to end. I am on Purl side and

Question regarding yarn for pattern
Hi Deb, I would like to make the shawl from the Zealana AIR patterns booklet.It is the one on page 2. The pattern calls for a chunky yarn with a gau

Decreasing on a hat while using circular needles
I knitted a hat using circular needles for the first time. I began decreasing for the crown and as I kept going i finally realized that with fewer and

cardigan patterns (stitches)
Hello, Could you please help me to identify patterns (stitches) of Tilly Masterson's cardigan, size of knitting needles, and size of yarn from the pi

Hello my name is Cheri. I'm just learning to knit and I'm really enjoying it. I'm just a little confused about a gauge. I know how to measure a gaug

Slip Band into place means what
I knitted a cardigan sweater and left the 5 stitches of the band on a stitch holder and went ahead and knitted the band to fit. The patterns say to

Substituting Yarn
I have yarn that is 3.5 oz./100g;82 yds. My pattern calls for 3.5 oz./110g;148 yds. Can I knit this pattern with my yarn? Much appreciation, Tess

Wooly Woodland Moccocin Slippers
I am making trying to knit this pattern for Wooly Woodland Moccocin slippers and I'm having trouble understanding the pattern. Cuff Cast on 14 stitch

Eyelet stitch
I am trying to do the eyelet section of a pattern and can't understand the instructions. It is worked over 4 stitchs and 2 rows for the repeat. Inst

Tension Square in Fair Isle to small
Tension square over rib pattern OK. Over fair isle to small. Do I go to a larger size needle or smaller please? I would think larger but pattern say

Bubbles circular baby's shawl
:( I have the first row of the pattern making the holes then the following 3 rows that are just knit. The next pattern row I can't line up with the

Making a hem - knitting a loop from cast-on edge?
Pattern reads: Make hem by - knitting tog. one st. from needle and one loop from cast-on edge all across row. What is a loop from cast-on edge? How

Yarn Weight
Can I double lace yarn to use as sport weight? YOUR ANSWER It depends on the yarn. What I would suggest is that you knit a tension square using the

Do different size needles produce different size item?
I have a pattern for knitted slippers. It is a great, easy pattern, but the slipper are all the same size. How do I change the size of the slippers? O

Knitting an Afghan
I'm knitting an Afghan the instruction state as rows 1-12:knit across. Row 13 (right side): knit across. Would you explain to me what they mean in

Example: if in a knitting row you have the following. p2,{k1, yo} 4 times, k1 3 times, If you can help me, Thank you Theresa YOUR ANSWER? And you

Can you tighten loosely knitted stitches
Is there a way to tighten loosely knitted rows? I cast on too loosely. Now the neck of a baby sweater is not small enough. I am knitting on circular

Recycle Your Wool
Would you like to be able to recycle your wool from a garment that is too small, too big or out of style?

Recycling natural wool - as felt
I'm only just getting going on this. I had a pure wool jacket that I was quite fond of and it was gradually shrinking. Perhaps I wasn't quite careful

Keeping track of even and odd rows
Recently, I was knitting a complicated sweater pattern, and needed to keep track of which row I was knitting. Even though I thought I was doing fine

Tip for even rows
Count the stitches as you knit them so you can make sure that you don't have too many stitches or have missed any stitches. from anonymous

I am shaping the front edge of a hood to a cardigan Next row: Inc in first st, mst to last 2 sts work 2tog. (Have done this) Don't understand next b

Open Knitting Questions
If you can help out by responding to any of these open knitting questions, all you need to do is to leave a comment on the relevant page (listed below

Trouble with instructions for sleeve decreases
Hi The pattern is in the Noro sweet winter pattern book and is the cream crisp pattern. I cannot figure out the instructions for the sleeves. The

Trouble following the pattern - Sweater for an American Doll
I am knitting an Archipelago by Debonair Designs Pattern. It is a sweater pattern for an American girl doll. Available on Rivalry My confusion is

I like the look of stockinette stitch but, whilst making a scarf, it has rolled at the edges. I do not mind knitting a second scarf to attach to the

Size of Sweater
I made a sweater according to pattern and type of wool recommended and it is way to big. The sweater is a Mary Maxim called Navajo Jacket. I used Tita

Rib Stitch Cap Direction Dilemma
Hello, I'm a beginner....and I'm making a Rib Stitch Cap. I figured out the gauge issue just fine, and then as I was beginning the project, right

Double Knitting Question
I'm doing double knit with one color (one strand of yarn) slipping every other stitch, how can I keep the sides open so it will be like two pieces lay

Miss L Brooks

Brim of a child's hat
Instructions for a wrap st: Take yarn to back as if to knit, slip next st, bring yarn to front as if to purl, slip st back to left needle. With smal

Anyone know what knit this is? Please help!!!
I really want to knit this headband in the photo but I cannot figure out what this knit stitch is, please someone help!

aran knitting
Hi, on the right side of my aran knitting, at the end of a knit section, then going to a purl section, the last knit stitch is always very loose no ma

Mixing Rib and Stocking Stitch Patterns
I want to knit a stocking stitch animal pattern into a main 2 ribbed body pattern. Will the different stitches mar the picture? YOUR ANSWER Yes an

Prayer Shawl is Bias - Why?
I belong to a Prayer Shawl Ministry group and recently knit a shawl - 30 x 60 and when I cast off the stitches the shawl was bias. The pattern was

Pattern question
I have a pattern that reads the following: *K3, K2tog, YO, K2tog, rep from *across. Repeat Row 3 until there are 9 stitches on the needle. It looks

What to do with the "tail" when decreasing the toe
I'm having trouble figuring out this pattern. I'm currently decreasing the toe in the pattern but I can't figure out what to do with the tail to the r

Pattern Confusion
With 120 stitches on my needle, I'm instructed to PO (8), P2TOG,P4) 17 times P2TOG, PO (8) and the. I should have 102 stitches on my needle. Help! YO

How can I knit this clutch
Hi I saw this amazing knit clutch bag and I really want to attempt to make one but cannot find a pattern anywhere and I was wondering if you had an

Switching circular needles
I have started a sock on Magic Loop Circulars and find them too slippery. How can I correctly transfer my sock over to a different set of needles! T

How to join top to back of matinee jacket
A friend asked me to finish a baby jacket without a pattern. I have the top,(already knitted from neck to chest sleeves are already knitted on) alre

Sheila Salvatore
I am knitting a bow type cowl scarf with a loop opening and have come to the part where you have to combine the stitches from a holder and stitches fr

m7 ??
Hi I came to a direction in a sweater pattern I am knitting that goes like this *P2, K1, p2, m7; repeat from * around. My question is, What does m7

DD Double Decrease over Four Stitches
I have a very old pattern for little Christmas stockings. To make the toe I am required to dd over the next 4 stitches. As far as I can tell the u

problem reading chart - is it ME or the pattern who has problems???
I am using a knitting chart for the first time.It is a triangular lacey shawl and it looks like the fircone pattern. I do fine until I get to row 9.Ro

Button Bands on cardigan sweaters
When knitting a cardigan sweater I always have a problem with the button band when the instructions say .......knit these two rows until the band WH

Can't understand lace pattern
The pattern for a lacey hat goes: CO 48 sts Row 1: K14( seenote) , pm, K2Tog, YO, K2, P1, K2Tog, K2, YO, P3Tog, YO, K1, YO, P1, pm, K20 Row 2: S1, K1

I dont understand what this means...
This pattern I have for Lace Up Opera Gloves, says to knit across row picking up cast on sts and knitting them together with each stitch Can you help

types of wool
I have an old quickerknit knitting pattern & I can't get quickerknit now. What type of wool would I use for this pattern?

I have been knitting for most of my life and I'm over fifty now. Recently I saw a jumper in a craft shop. The pattern was a reversible one and it was

looking for a pattern
i once saw a pattern for knitted stretch pants..does any one have this pattern ..also i class myself as a beginner but i can follow patterns..brenda..

Hi, my name is Sarah and i was wondering if you could help me find a knitting pattern for my mum. She lost sometime last year and was very upset beca

Please help!!!!! I am knitting an afghan for our granddaughter as a high school graduation gift. Each square is individually knit & then is to be jo

child's cardigan
Does anyone have a pattern for a child's cardigan which is knitted in one piece, plus sleeves, which I used to knit many years ago?

how to do this beautiful stitch?
Dear ladies: I have a picture of a model with a beautiful jacket. There is no instructions or charts to make it, because it just the photo with the l

Properties of Wool
Why would you choose wool over a synthetic yarn for your knitting? On this page you will find a summary of the many properties of wool to help you ma

How Wool is Made
On the 'How Wool is Made' page you will find an overview of the process of making your own wool.

Carding Wool
One of the ways to prepare your fleece for spinning involves carding or combing your fibres. This page discusses a number of techniques for carding w

Types of Fleece Wool
So you want to learn to spin. On this page you will find some of the more common types of fleece wool available for hand spinners along with their ch

Where to Buy a Fleece
Raw fleece is not readily available at your corner store! On this page you will find suggestions about where to buy a fleece.

Selecting a Fleece
Do you know what to look for when you are selecting a fleece for your next spinning project? Read on to find out.

Crochet Stitches
If you have never crocheted before you have quite a bit to learn! This means learning how to hold the hook while you are working, and how to form the

How to Finger Knit
Do you remember how to finger knit? When I was growing up, finger knitting was one of the favourite past-times in the playground.

Crochet Hook Sizes
Crochet hook sizes range from 0.60mm right up to 25.0mm, and just to make it even more complicated there are three main measurement schemes for hook s

Granny Squares
Everyone that knows how to crochet has at some time made something out of Granny Squares! Granny Squares are easy to crochet and very versatile.

Long Loom Knitting
Using a long loom or 'long loom knitting' for your knitting project offers a bit more versatility than a round loom.

Knitting Loom Instructions
Now that you have your knitting started on the loom, you are going to need knitting loom instructions on how to form some basic knitting stitches.

Knitting Loom Instructions #1
Knitting loom Instructions might come in handy if you are new to knitting on a loom.

Knitting Loom Instructions-2
Now that you have your knitting started on the loom, you are going to need knitting loom instructions on how to form some basic knitting stitches.

Make Your Own Knitting Loom
Would you like some instructions on how to make your own knitting loom? It is not that difficult, you will need a few tools and of course, some instru

Knitting Loom Garter Stitch Scarf Pattern
Are you looking for a knitting loom garter stitch scarf pattern? If this is your first knitting loom project, this is a reasonably easy scarf to knit

Knitting Loom Scarf Pattern
Are you looking for a knitting loom scarf pattern that is a little bit different?

Simple Childs 8-Ply Jumper with Dropped Shoulders
This simple childs 8-ply jumper pattern is rated as an easy knit as it has very little shaping and is knitted in stocking stitch.

Simple Childs 8-Ply Striped Jumper
Are you looking a pattern for a simple childs 8-ply striped jumper? This pattern is rated as an easy knit as it has very little shaping and is knitted

Simple Childs Raglan 8 Ply Round Neck Jumper Pattern
Are you looking a pattern for a simple childs raglan 8 ply jumper?

4 Ply Vee Neck Vest
This pattern is for a basic 4 ply Vee Neck Vest in three sizes from 2 to 6 years old.

Knitting Blanket Squares
One of the simplest things that you can do with your kids is knitting blanket squares. It is also a great project if there is more than one kid.

Sewing Up Your Knitting
When you have knitted all the pieces of your work, the next step is sewing up your knitting to finish your garment.

Sampler Blanket Pattern
Looking for something slightly more challenging? Why not try my Sampler Blanket Pattern?

Easy Knitting Baby Blanket
This easy knitting baby blanket is particularly suitable for beginners as it is knitted entirely in Garter Stitch. You just can't get easier than that

Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns
Baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners and those of you who are more advanced!

Easy Knit Baby Blanket
This easy knit baby blanket is particularly suitable for beginners as it is knitted entirely in Garter Stitch. You just can't get easier than that!

Garter Stitch Stripe Baby Blanket
This Garter Stitch Stripe Baby blanket is made by knitting and joining two colour blocks knitted in garter stitch.

Garter Stitch Check Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
This garter stitch check baby blanket knitting pattern is suitable for all knitters including beginners.

Modular Garter Stitch Baby Blanket
Try this pattern for my modular garter stitch baby blanket pattern. Although it is rated easy you will need to learn how to pick up and knit stitches

Depth Illusion Baby Blanket
Knitting instructions for this beautiful depth illusion baby blanket, an easy knit modular pattern in garter stitch.

Mitred Knitting Square Blanket Pattern
a pattern for a mitred knitting square blanket that is suitable for a beginner

Easy Knit Dog Sweater
This easy knit dog sweater is designed in garter stitch so it is a perfect pattern for a beginner.

Baby Bootie Knitting Patterns
tend to use the same basic baby bootie knitting patterns for any booties I make, varying the knitting stitch patterns that I use for the base, top or

Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern
Are you looking a knitting pattern for a baby sweater? This Basic Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern is rated as an easy knit as it has very little shapin

Knitted Teddy Bear
If you looking for a unique gift for the new baby in your life, this hand knitted teddy bear would be perfect!

Increasing Stitches
Another basic knitting technique that you will have to learn is increasing stitches.

Decreasing Stitches
Another basic knitting technique that you will have to learn is decreasing stitches.

Provisional Cast On
A provisional cast on is usually done using a piece of contrasting yarn with the intention of removing the cast on edge later.

Baby Knitting Pattern
So you have decided that you would like to try some of Paton's Big Baby Yarn, now you need a baby knitting pattern book!

Baby Knitting Yarn
Baby knitting yarn is one of my favourite types of yarn. I love doing baby knitting and any excuse is good enough to knit with it.

Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern Book
Are you looking for a good baby sweater knitting pattern book? Have I found a pattern book for you!

Loom Knitting Patterns
Loom Knitting Patterns are reasonably hard to come by. If you buy yourself a loom you might find some basic patterns are included but they will not ke

Knitting Baby Sweaters
Knitting baby sweaters, cardigans and matinee jackets is one of my favorite things to knit as they are quick to knit and they can be just so beautiful

Baby Bonnets
When you are learning how to knit, small projects are a good way to gain experience as a knitter. One of my favorite small projects include knitting

Knitting Baby Booties
Although baby booties tend to have gone out of fashion with young mothers in favour of mass produced socks, knitting baby booties is still a very rewa

Knitting Baby Shawls
Knitting baby shawls is a time consuming but very satisfying process. Generally baby shawls are knitted in fine or very fine yarn (2, 3 or 4 ply) and

Knitting Baby Blankets
Knitting baby blankets is one way of creating a special gift, as each blanket is unique and can become almost a family heirloom.

Panel Knitting Stitch Patterns
Rib or Panel knitting stitch patterns can be used as an all over lace or rib, in combination with other stitch patterns to create or with stocking sti

How to Hold Knitting Needles
The first step in learning how to knit is learning the correct method of how to hold knitting needles.

How to Cast on Ribwise
In my experience, hand knitted rib looks much tidier when you know how to cast on ribwise.

How to Knit Buttonholes
Sooner or later as you gain experience as a knitter, you are going to need to learn how to knit buttonholes.

How to Knit Cables
Would you like to know how to knit cables? I find that experimenting with knitting cables (arans) can be very satisfying.

Knitting Curling
How to stop the edges of my knitting curling is one of the most common questions that I get asked.

Reading a Knitting Pattern
One of the most difficult things to learn when you are a beginner is reading a knitting pattern.

Yarn Over Knitting (YON)
One of the abbreviations that seems to confuse many beginners is the yarn round needle or yarn over knitting abbreviation. The short form of this kni

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