Knitting Stitch Patterns

Knitting Stitch Patterns provide knitting instructions for stitch patterns that can be incorporated into your garments to make your work unique.

Basic Knitting Stitch Patterns

Basic stitch patterns are particularly suitable for beginners as they are relatively straight-forward and easy to do. In fact, you have probably been doing one of them without realising it while you have been practising your knitting! 

Garter Stitch
1 x 1 Rib
Reverse Stocking Stitch

These stitch patterns are usually the first ones that are learnt or mastered by beginners and can be used for a broad range of knitting projects.

Textured Stitch Patterns

Textured Stitch Patterns can be very effective and generally involve only basic knitting techniques (i.e., knit and purl stitches).

Moss Stitch
Embossed Check Stitch
Garter Stitch Check
Garter Stitch Stripe

The appeal of these stitch patterns is that they add texture to your knitted fabric and can be used as an all-over pattern or as panels between other stitch patterns, to add interest to your knitted items.

Lace Stitch Patterns

These stitch patterns involve more advanced knitting techniques than the textured stitch patterns.

Diamond Lace Panel
Faggoted Lace Panel

Lace Stitch Patterns range from very simple to very complex, so it pays to read through the pattern instructions and select one that is appropriate to your skill level.

While all rows tend to be pattern rows in true lace patterns, simple lace stitch patterns usually have a plain knit or purl row after most if not all pattern rows.

Simple Cable Stitch Patterns

Although you will only find simple Cable Stitch Patterns on this page, to do any of these patterns you will need to learn some more advanced knitting techniques, such as how to use a cable needle.

Simple 4 Stitch Cable
Claw Pattern

These stitch patterns are very effective and create interest and texture in your knitted fabric.  But expect to do more knitting than you normally would if you use cable patterns as the twisting of multiple stitches will make the fabric narrower than stocking stitch so to get a flat piece of knitting a certain width will require more stitches.

Rib or Panel Stitch Patterns

Rib or Panel stitch patterns can be used as an all over lace or rib, in combination with other stitch patterns to create or with stocking stitch to create a unique pattern for your garment. 

Double Eyelet Lace Pattern
Mock Cable Right Pattern
Moss Stitch Panel Pattern

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