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Knitting patterns are very important to both experienced knitters and beginners and you will find that when you have been knitting for a while, one of your most prized possessions will no doubt be your pattern collection.

After 40 years of knitting as you would imagine, my collection is rather large.

It includes pattern books that I have bought over the years, patterns clipped out of magazines (the patterns in the English Women's Weekly were great), hand-written patterns which were given to me by grandmother, and old pattern books from the 30's, 40's and 50's given to me by people who know I am a keen knitter. 

And these days my collection also includes printouts of patterns that are available to be downloaded from websites.

Borrowing or Copying Patterns = Stealing! 

A word of caution about respecting the copyrights of the pattern designers.  There are some enterprising people out there who are scanning old patterns and offering them for sale on eBay and other auctions sites. 

Many of their customers like to think that they are doing nothing wrong and are just happy to be getting a bargain by paying $9.50 for 70 odd 'vintage' patterns. But just because the patterns are old or out of print does not mean that the company that created them no longer owns the copyright!

Don't become a thief by accident or design.  If you want to use a pattern buy your own copy directly from the designer or publisher.

When you buy a knitting pattern or a pattern book, you are buying the right to use the information for personal use only. You cannot resell for profit unless you have a prior arrangement with the copyright owner and in most cases the copyright owner will not be at all happy if you make up the garments for commercial sale.

So, if you want to turn your knitting hobby into a business you are going to have to develop your own designs!

Dont' worry though - it is not as hard as it seems.

Knitting Patterns on Knitting Crochet Wool

If one of my patterns is available free for download on this site, you can assume that you have my permission to knit the item and I am also happy for you to sell the finished products (but only in limited quantities!).   You can also share any of the free patterns providing you let people know where you got them.

However, if you purchase a pattern from this site, you personally have permission to use the pattern in any way you see fit, but you do not have the right to share the file with anyone else.  If someone you know likes one of these patterns, please direct hem to the page on the site where they can purchase a copy of their own.

Beginner Patterns

Are you looking for some easy patterns for beginners?  On this page, you will find links to patterns for easy knitting scarves and basic jumpers for the whole family.

Baby Patterns

Are you looking for baby knitting patterns? On this page, you will find a selection of knitting patterns and books for you to choose from.  Some are free - some are not, but they may be worth investing in anyway!

There are patterns for baby blankets, booties, and sweaters, jumpers and matinee jackets.

Scarf Patterns

On this page, I have included links to all of the free scarf patterns on this site, as well as a selection of knitting patterns books that you can purchase.

Knitting Loom Patterns

Knitting Loom Patterns are reasonably hard to come by.  If you buy yourself a loom you might find some basic patterns are included in your with purchase, but when I say basic patterns, that is exactly what I mean.

You will find many free patterns online for hats, but really they are all pretty much the same and again really basic. Good for raw beginners but they do not present much of a challenge for someone who has already made a hat or two.

Being new to loom knitting I haven't done much in the way of developing patterns as yet, but you will find links to the patterns I have designed on this page along with a few of the books (both ebooks and hardcover) that I have been able to find.

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