Knitting letters on socks

by Diane
(Rhode Island)

The first side on leg all lettering comes out perfect. I knitted the word "Relax" The other side of sock on leg the lettering is a different word "Breathe" and it comes out all gobbled, non distinguesting word. The second side word: "Breathe" I knitted "ehtaerb" so when the sock is turned right side up it should read correctly. I ripped out the lettering 4 times and now I think I need help. The chart was followed perfectly. Diane Weber, Rhode Island

First side: followed chart knitting from bottom of letters ending at the top of letters. word: "Relax" Came out perfect.

Second side: word "Breathe" I knitted "ehtaerb" so when the knitted backwards lettering was turned right side up the lettering should read "Breathe" No "breathe" lettering came out all jumbled.

Can someone help or please direct me in the right path to find out what the heck I'm doing wrong? After 4 tries and ripping lettering out I don't want to try again until I can get some experienced advise. Thank you in advance for any help.

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