Knitting Hints

Are you an experienced knitter with some really great knitting hints to share? 

As much as I would like to be able to be all things to everyone, there are just some things I don't know and it takes a lot of time to create these pages.  So I could use some help.

Do you have any hints and tips that you are prepared to share with my readers?  If you do and can spare some time, please add your hints or tips using the form below.

Topic Suggestions for Knitting Hints

Some of the topics you might like to talk about include:

  • Caring for your wool
  • How to wash wool
  • Recycling the wool in old garments
  • Tips to make knitting easier, etc
  • Making your own knitting kit (needle holders, bags etc)
  • Travelling with your knitting

This list is by no means comprehensive - if you have a great tip, regardless of whether it is on this list or not, please share it with us now.

Don't forget to add a photo to your submission if you can, it will help us to see how your great hint or tip actually works!

Have A Great Hint to Share?

Do you have a great knitting hint that you would like to share? Go for it!

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Recycling natural wool - as felt 
I'm only just getting going on this. I had a pure wool jacket that I was quite fond of and it was gradually shrinking. Perhaps I wasn't quite careful enough …

Keeping track of even and odd rows 
Recently, I was knitting a complicated sweater pattern, and needed to keep track of which row I was knitting. Even though I thought I was doing fine keeping …

Tip for even rows Not rated yet
Count the stitches as you knit them so you can make sure that you don't have too many stitches or have missed any stitches. from anonymous

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