Knitting Abbreviations

With all the knitting abbreviations, reading a knitting pattern is like reading another language. If you are not familiar with common abbreviations it will look like double dutch to you!

On this page you will find definitions for the most common abbreviations, presented in the order that you are most likely to find them in your pattern. 

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That means that the most basic abbreviations are at the top and abbreviations for more complex techniques are at the bottom.

Table of Knitting Abbreviations

Abbreviation Definition
K Knit
P Purl
sts Stitches
rep Repeat
beg Beginning
K2 tog Knit two stitches together
sl 1 Slip the next stitch onto the right hand needle without knitting the stitch.
psso Pass the slipped stitch over the last stitch on the right hand needle.
alt Alternate.
dec Decrease
M1 Make one stitch by picking up and knitting the thread between the stitch on the right hand needle and the stitch on the left hand needle.
tbl Through the back of the loop.
y bk Bring the yarn to the back of the work.
y ft or y fwd Bring the yarn to the front of the work.
yrn or yon Wrap the yarn around the needle to form a stitch.
foll Following.
cont continue.
incl Including or inclusive.
patt Pattern.
rem Remaining.
cm Centimetres.

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Or alternatively if you have come across an abbreviation that you just cannot make head nor tail of, why not pose a question about it on my knitting questions page.

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