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Knitting letters on socks

The first side on leg all lettering comes out perfect. I knitted the word Relax The other side of sock on leg the lettering is a different word Breathe

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edging on squares necessary?

I can't crochet to save my life, so I'm going to sew my squares together when my blanket is finished. Because I am sewing them together, do I need to

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Neck and armhole pattern cardigan

My pattern says to decrease one st at neck every third row 13 times. Does this mean I will knit 39 rows and decrease every third row? YOUR ANSWER Yes...

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Hi I've decided to knit a pullover after twenty odd years of not knitting! In the magazine I've bought called 'Knitscene', I've found a pattern called

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How to knit WS?

Hello, my name is Karla and I have been knitting for a few years just basic plain dishcloths. I started when I quit smoking, kinda switched habits. Anyways

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Phildar Aviso Yarn

Is this yarn equivalent to 10py or 8ply wool. I am unable to knit using cotton or acrylic wool. Thanks for your assistance. Carol YOUR ANSWER Hi Carol,

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ball sizes

I want to order wool online, but need to know the size of the ball. In Australia, we use weight e.g. 25 g ball. What would this convert to in America?

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Slip stitch purlwise.

Hi, I am familiar with slip purlwise and slip knitwise stitches. In the pattern I am doing, there are two instances in the first pattern row where I have

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I am making a baby afghan. If the instructions for the border say, Knit 6 rows for border, does this mean knit each side of each row? In other words, it

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When using a pattern and you want to increase its size, what does it mean when it says to make it wider increase your co sts in multiples of 14+2. YOUR

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