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Do you want to knit dolls or doll clothes? In the internet age, it is far easier to find doll knitting patterns than it used to be.  Just do a google (or Bing) search and you will be taken to a list of sites offering free (or paid) patterns for dolls and doll clothing.

Personally I prefer cloth dolls over knitted dolls, but do sometimes make knitted dolls.  Most of my dolls end up being dressed in knitted clothing, like the two in the photo below.  Finding doll knitting patterns is easy, finding knitting patterns that 'fit' my dolls is a little bit harder.  And I prefer finer work and a large percentage of patterns use 8 ply wool, which I find is a little chunky for a small doll.

So I usually only use knitting patterns as a guide, and customise them so that they do actually fit.  

I have recently started making Waldorf style dolls in three or four different sizes ranging from 6  to 18 inches high in two different styles (baby and toddler).  The baby dolls are thicker (wider around the middle) with larger heads than the toddler/child dolls with shorter legs and arms, so patterns developed for a 13.5 inch baby will not fit a 13.5 inch toddler doll. 

Most patterns for dolls clothes specify the height.  American Girl Dolls are 18 inches high and there are a lot of free (and paid) patterns available for this doll but one 18 inch doll is not necessarily the same measurements as another.  For example, my 18 inch doll has a wider chest, fatter feet (so shoes and socks for the American Girl dolls will not fit) and longer arms and legs.

Some of My Doll Knitting Patterns
Available on

These patterns are designed to fit the 13.5 inch toddler dolls that I have been making.  The pattern for the dolls are available on ETSY from the LittleDollHouseO.  

I have created patterns for fitted underwear, dresses, leg warmers, ballet slippers and leotards.  I have designed a Halloween outfit for one of my girls and a princess dress.

When you find a basic pattern for your dolls, you can change the way the outfit looks by picking a different stitch pattern, adding different colours or textures. 

Most of my patterns are knitted in 3 or 4-ply (because I prefer finer wool) so that the finished garment doesn't look to chunky for my girls.

Other Places to find Doll Knitting Patterns

If you want to purchase patterns you could a search using your favorite search engine or you could try any of the sites below:

I use all three sites to source patterns or to look for ideas.  Pinterest is also a good source of ideas if you want to create your own designs.

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